XK120 wiring installation

Need how-to instructions on routing wiring harnesses in a XK120 LHD OTS. Is there a routing Drawing available.
I bought my harness years ago in UK and there is absolutely no identification on anything, so I am really lost!!

This posting in the Jaglovers library went some ways to helping me with mine though I have an early steel car:


The wiring schematic for LHD export cars towards the very back of your XK120 factory workshop manual will have the breakdown of what number wires on the schematic correspond to which colored wires on your harness loom.

Also, if they weren’t already included, you’ll need one 10-way bullet connector, two 5-way connectors and, I’m guessing, about a half dozen of the single and double-type connectors each.

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Christopher…appreciate your help!!
I have the diagrams, however my problem is the routing of the harnesses. Particularly the routing of the harness from the boot to the cowl. Thanx for the info on the connectors, do you know of a source for the 10 way?

The diagrams Christopher refers to above are excellent and answer your query re cowl to boot.
Important to fit grommets as you go along and remember the branch to the gearbox.
I got my 10 way connector from SNG Barratt (no affiliation).

Here’s a 10-way being offered by Moss:


I either got mine through Barratt or eBay.

Thanx for the tip…I’ll give Moss a try first

I did mine about a year ago, much easier with the bonnet off.

The harness to the rear goes through the RH door sill.
Wire up the wiper motor before you put it in place otherwise you can’t get to the terminals, and be sure the wires are long enough, because the wires they connect to in the instrument panel harness were a couple inches shorter than they could have been on mine.
The fuel pump and brake light switch wires go down through U-shaped channels on the firewall. The fuel pump wire goes through the chassis for a couple of feet.

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ROB…thanx for the photos of your harness installation!!! They will be a great help with my car. I am stumped on how the harness routs from the boot and into the rocker panel and to the cowl. I understand that the harness goes thru an opening in the upper right corner of the rear bulkhead, then along the top of the wheel well. I can’t find where there is an opening from inside the car that I can pass the harness thru to the rocker panels. how did you rout this part of your harness?
Really appreciate your help!!
Jeff jeff.bev50@gmail.com



CHRIS…manymany thanx for the pics!! I think that once I figure out there orientation to my car they will be invaluable and should give me the info I need to get my harness installed…Really appreciate your taking the trouble to help me

Really helpful pics, Rob. I’m just getting back to working on my 120 OTS after a yearlong hiatus and the dreaded rewiring job is next on the list, once I’ve completed designing, fabbing and welding in seatbelt anchorages.

Bookmarked, with thanks.