XK140 bench testing wiper motor

Hi Guys, I have a surplus XK140 wiper motor (90 degree gear) which I want to bench test. It will be greatly appreciated if anyone can outline how to carry out this procedure.

If it’s a DR1 (or a DR3) motor, have a look in the archives. I have put a wiring diagram and instructions on testing.


Many thanks Eric, excellent article.

Its a DR1 75322 dated 1955.

Sorry Eric, being dim - how do I access the archives?


Hi Roger,

You use the search facility. It’s the magnifying glass symbol next to the ‘hamburger’ top right of the screen. Not sure how to create a link to a thread although I know it can be done. Anyway search for Bench Test Windscreem (sic) Motor. There is a lot of other stuff on the motor as well as well if you look for it. Here’s a link to the wiring diagram to save you a lot of searching http://www.stretton.tv/DR1%20motor.html