Xk140 brake system - value?

I have a brake pedal, Master and all the other components from my xk140 FHC - LHD, Automatic (hence the larger pad on the stem). Part number c10348 for the brake pedal. Have been looking around and looks like they are unavailable. Wondering how valuable they are? I know the answer is “invaluable to the person that needs it” but would appreciate a view.

Scott, I realize this over a year ago but did you get any feed back on the value of the brake components you had pictured and do you still have all or some of them. Thanks.

I had several informative answers from the forum. Coventry Auto keeps a trove of rarer original parts and I have passed on the pedal to them in case someone needs one someday. still have the bearings (rough), master cylinder (will need rebuilding) and light switch (good). See the original post to learn about the variety of part numbers.