Xk140 dh timing

The crankshaft damper on my 140 is epoxy coated and I don,t seem to find and indication of a timing mark. With #6 at tdc, scraped off paint on face and edge. No luck. Advice apprciated

Hi Lionel:

Not sure about the 140, but the 120 timing mark is on the flywheel and is visible through the small inspection hole in the bell housing on the L.H. side just aft/above the dipstick.


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On my “C” type, the damper does have timing marks but they are very tough to see(lightly etched) and they are on the forward face of damper…NOT circumference. With #6 at TDC on compression, the “0” mark is at bottom of damper since that’s where the pointer is. However, the “C” type may have a different damper than non-C engines.

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Early 140s with the aluminum sump may not have a pointer, and may have the timing mark on the flywheel as with 120?
Here it is on my 120.

I have a later 140 engine G4686-8S and JLE trans here with steel sump and a pointer on the front of it.
I sandblasted the damper outer ring and see nothing resembling a timing mark.
The bell housing has a viewing hole as with 120, and the flywheel has 4 punch marks where an arrow would normally be on 120.

If you are going to mark your damper, the square keyway is at TDC, so your mark should go 180 degrees from it.


Not entirely sure, but most (all?) C-type engines with Metalastik dampers 51/211 have (or had?) timing marks with 0 5 10 degrees… See photo attached.

Regards, Bob K.

Bingo…but I do not remember seeing the TDC slot on edge of damper, however…gotta look closer at my part. Also, my G5752-8S flywheel does have the arrow, not punch marks.


There is one photo in my file of dampers that shows the TDC marking on the edge. The photo file description states C.8129 which is the SE damper. See photo attached. I haven’t found this marking, however, on my own damper.
On my XK 140 SE engine (number very close to yours) I also have the arrow (see photo 2 taken during the restoration and yes, the starter ring has meanwhile been replaced…).
Regards, Bob K.

Thanks to all for the suggestions…still tracking down a timing mark. no success so far. will advise if I get an eurika moment!


Sorry no eurika moment.
My 140 has an automatic transmission and no flywheel marks. The damper also is a blank.
Am going old school with a screwdriver in the plug hole for tdc and adjust the distributor with a test light.
car starts and runs ok but is rough. Carb rebuild is next.

Thanks again everyone with all the helpful advice. much appreciated.

i suggest, whether mark found or not…verify, but finding true (as close as possible in this method, which is quite close)…TDC on #6 compression. All spark plugs out so engine turns easily…rotate via crank nut, or car in 4th roll…in proper direction (counter clock of fan from point of view of driver), a rubber plug in the #6 spark plug hole til it blows out…that piston is now coming up to TDC on compression, (dizzy rotor should be coming to #6 fire). Now with a dial indicator or wood dowel carefully in the #6 plug hole find as close as possible by engine small rotations, the “no movement middle” between rise and fall of your indicator. An assistant will be helpful to rotate while you observe. That “middle” is quite close to #6 TDC compression.Then .look at damper/flywheel for timing marks…or make one with white paint or white nail polish.

thanks nick
working on it this weekend.