XK140 DHC bonnet cable, Where should it run?

**Hi guys,
I am putting together a RHD XK140DHC and can’t work out where the bonnet cable should poke through the bulkhead. My car has a “C” engine and currently the bonnet cable comes out through what I believe should be the choke cable hole, but it fouls on the steering column which I am sure is not right. Has anyone got any pic’s that will help me work it out? thanks in advance, Evan from OZ

I’m converting a LHD 140DHC to RHD, and I’m fairly certain that the bonnet release cable doesn’t change sides - the bracket to hold the knob end of the cable stays in the same place. Doesn’t Viart show this?

Edit - yes, Viart p.281.

Hi Roger, I can’t find a copy of the book anywhere which is why I am asking, I just can’t see where it should come through the bulkhead. Can you flick me a picture?

Hi Evan,
I’ve sent you a scan by pm - I’m not comfortable reproducing copyright material on a public forum without permission, even if the book in question isn’t available, and especially when one of the authors is a member of that forum!

Hi Roger, Thanks for your help. i was reluctant to ask for the reasons you have suggested, but was secretly hoping Roger may volunteer the info to help out a fellow compatriot. It would appear the hole my cable was in is the correct hole. Do you mind having a look at the book and see if there is any info on A: were the choke cable should go, and B: where the bonnet cable should go after it leaves the bulkhead. Mine just rests on the steering column which I’m sure isn’t right

I haven’t started rebuilding or reinstalling my engine yet, so haven’t become familiar with the carburettor setup yet either - however as my 140 has a ‘cold start carburettor’, I suspect it doesn’t have a choke cable. My car has H6 carbs; if yours has H8, it might have had a cable, which Viart shows as coming through a hole right alongside (or in place of) the bonnet release cable.
I’ll send you a scan of p.286 which is the only diagram I’ve found that shows anything more about the speedo cable.

Gents, I’m just reinstalling the cable in my 140 FHC and whilst I’m fine with where it emerges from the bulkhead, could someone help me with its route from there towards the front of the car - I’m unsure how/where it passes through the inner wing panels and how/where it’s secured etc. A photo or 2 would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance, Jon.

Jon, I’ve sent you the same diagram I sent Evan by pm.

Hi Roger, if yours has the H6 carburettors it will have the cold start carburettor and an otter switch. My car is a challenge as it was purchased with the wrong engine and I’m now trying to make it right. Mine rolled off the assembly line Fully optioned, but must have blown the engine and was fitted with an engine from a MK 7. It blew a Head gasket and I decided to make it right over 10 years ago. I am just about ready to start it and I can’t wait. Just finding a few small challenges, such as the choke cable. To me it would fit and work best in the bonnet cable hole, and the bonnet cable doesn’t look right in the hole it’s in, but there is no other place it will work.
Thanks for your help,
Ps. It seems to me they could do another run of the Viart book, I have found a couple, but they want around $2000 AUD for them, which is crazy

Hi Roger, is there a picture of the RHD Bulkhead in the Viart book? If so can you flick me a picture of that one. Thanks so much, Evan

Sorry Evan, LHD only. Most of the book is LHD which is probably to be expected as that was how most of the cars were built.

Thanks for your help. Do they mention the wiring for the overdrive in the book anywhere?

There are wiring diagrams, depending on whether the car is an early one with single relay or later with two relays. No info on where the wires run, though, which will be different for RHD and LHD due to the switch being on the other side of the dashboard.

Cheers Roger, perhaps I’m being a bit of a duffer but I thought that the slotted hole that the is shown passing through is the same one that’s used for the RHS top radiator steady bracket on 56 onwards cars? Best, Jon.

Hi Roger, mine is the early one

Jon, mine’s a '55 so I can’t really advise on changes after that. That’s what Viart shows, though, I didn’t see any mention of changes later.

Hi Jon, my car is a 55 and the slot is for the radiator support. I actually tried to use the part of the slot that wasn’t being used, but found the cable was too short, so I have used the large hole underneath it, which looks better, but still seems like a dumb way to do it, it’s really close to the carbies and is not supported anywhere.
My cable may have been shortened, my car has been messed with pretty badly at some stage of it’s life, and I am hoping to make it right one day.
Just finishing a major engine and gearbox refurb and trying to make sure what I am doing is right to make it life easier down the track.