XK140 DHC estimated body weight with doors, boot and bonnet off

Getting ready to pull body off of my XK140 DHC. I have removed The doors, rear wings, boot and the bonnet. Does anyone have a estimate of the weight of the body. Want to pull in my garage if my beams will support.

I do not have a good answer on pounds, but can say that many years ago I did exactly that with a 140 OTS. It was heavier than I expected due to the healthy gauge of the steel in the body, but I did it solo without a problem. My amateur recommendation is proper internal bracing in the passenger compartment to maintain rigidity or at least lift in 3 positions, not just front and back. Assuming your crossbeams are 2x6 or more and in good shape I think you should be okay. The engineers and veterans on this Board will likely have a more authoritative answer.

Did the same thing with a FHC 120 body and only used one floor rafter.

I have 2.5" x 16 engineered wood I beams.I can figure out what they will hold. Just trying to get a handle on the weight.

It depends not just on the height and width of the beam, but on the span and where the load is located on the span.
I would estimate 300-500 pounds for a stripped out DHC.
I know that 4 men aged 35-65 can carry a Mark V saloon body shell similarly stripped out.

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Thank you very much. I was thinking it could not be more than 800 pounds total. I will figure out the weight load of the beams I have. Thank you