XK140 FHC window frame vertical position

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This is my first question on this forum!

I am undertaking an XK140 FHC rebuild that has had the bodywork rebuilt by others.

I am trying to determine the the vertical position of the window frame in the door with the door closed. I have been scrutinizing photographs but can’t establish a definitive answer.

The gutters are removed and I am trying to figure out the position of the outer top rear of the window frame with respect to the outer edge of the roof. I am thinking that the lateral distance is between 0mm and 10mm looking at photographs. In other words, how far in is the window frame angled in, with respect to the bottom edge of the roof when the door is shut.

Any information on the distance would be appreciated.


You forget the impact of the door seal BD.2045 with regard to the position of the window frame. In addition, the “hardness” and dimensions of this rubber seal as provided by most Jaguar specialists, is different from the original one and varies per supplier. See my sketch of this seal, although this is a cross section of the rear side ventilation window.

My experience is that you’ll have to do it by trial and error, both regarding the height of the window frame (not to touch the gutter) as well as the vertical inclination of it (whereby the inclination wil affect the height!). The angle of the frame can be adjusted within the door. by repositioning various brackets at the side and at the bottom.
It will take you several attempts (at least that is my experience…).

Bob K.

Thanks guys

You have confirmed that there is no definitive position!

It was the thickness / hardness of the door seal that was throwing me when trying to empirically decide the position of the window frame in the door. The fixing brackets at the bottom of the window frame do not have any lateral adjustments - I will cut slots in them to achieve adjustment.

The door seal I have procured suggests that the rear outside edge of the window frame will line up pretty much with the outside edge of the roof, and not canted in a few millimetres as I first thought.

Thanks again, Nick

I definitely confirm what Bob just wrote … I had a devil of a time getting it all to fit. [and that was with Bob’s advise]. I did trim some of the rubber seal back a bit so everything would fit properly. I did move the 1/4 window frame in a little bit so there was approx 3/8 inch between the chrome window frame and the frame on the car.

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I had been pondering on Bob’s reply. I have the BD2045 trim and was trying to figure it all out and came to the same conclusion as you that the trim would need to be trimmed, epecially as the gap between the top and front of the window frame and body flange (if that is the word) will not be the same.