XK140 FHC Windscreen seal

Attempting to fit windscreen glass into my 140 FHC using a new rubber seal (BD7960). First fitting the glass into the rubber it appears that the seal is about an inch longer each side than it should be. I do not have the old seal to compare at it was comprehensively destroyed when the glass was removed. The glass did fit perfectly before removal.
Has anyone had similar issues or am I missing something?

are you trying to fit it from the front going inwards or from the inside of the car going outwards?

Haven’t got around to that bit yet Terry given that I appear to have a surplus few inches of seal.

I note that the perceived wisdom from this site is to fit the glass into the seal then both into the frame from the inside, but are you suggesting that the apparent excessive rubber seal size has some bearing on this?

I have ordered another BD7960 seal from a different supplier in the hope that this resolves the problem and will report back upon receipt.

not sure but was just checking
correct procedure is to fit glass to screen rubber large flipper flange to inside and install from inside using a cord

The usual way to install a screen is to fit it to the glass with a little Arbomast-type non-setting sealant, definitely not the modern setting stuff, run a strong nylon cord around the outer groove and run a bead of sealant over the cord. Place this on the outside of the aperture and engage with the lower lip of the flange, with the cord ends hanging inside the car. Gently pull on the cords while pressing on the glass from the outside, pulling the inner rubber lip over the flange. A few slaps with the palm of the hand will help seat the glass evenly. I have not fitted an XK screen yet, but have done many in other cars over the years. On every screen I have fitted, the rubber gasket is a tight fit around the glass. I don’t see how you would do it if it weren’t. Are you sure you have no tension in the seal anywhere around the glass? It’s not stretched in one corner, for example?

Pleased to report that the seal from a second supplier was a perfect fit.
Worth mentioning that there are a couple of comments on this forum regarding the fitting process which I believe to be incorrect:
It is not necessary to dismantle part of the dashboard (quite a job) and move it forward, only the dash top panel needs to be removed.
The seal with glass pre installed is fitted from inside the car, not from the outside (as advised in the previous post)

Hi Bob, as I said I haven’t actually fitted my XK’s glass yet so I’m sure you’re right. Most glasses are fitted from the outside due to the curvature. I take it the job is done in reverse, then - pull the cords forwards through the aperture?
Any idea why it’s done backwards?

dash top only and 2 vertical polished timbers removed glass & rubber fitted from inside and cord pulled through from front

correct procedure is to fit glass to screen rubber large flipper flange to inside and install from inside using a cord

I think I have read somewhere with the FHC that the headlining has to be installed before the screen , I guess the rubber must cover some of it and would be messy to pull the rubber in from outside .

That’s usual for a car with a roof. Careful with the sealant!