XK140 jack ball bearings

I have an XK140 jack which fell apart when I applied the handle my friend brought to Beaulieu for me! The ball bearings that fell out are 0.155” diameter. I am thinking they should be 3/16”. Does anybody know the correct size? Photo shows new 3/16” balls fitted.
It assembled ok with those. Taper pin has replaced whatever was missing as hole was not in good condition.
Also one of the balls that came out was only half a ball!

That sounds like 5/32" (.156"), presuming Smith’s used an inch size not metric, and I wouldn’t have thought they could get all that much worn down with the service they see.
Still, it’s odd that one broke in half.
They are available in that size in alloy steel here at McMaster-Carr but you have to buy 100.

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Top-notch hardware stores carry many sizes of ball bearings per each, some even have stainless steel available.

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Found some on eBay. 12 needed. All done!