XK140 - Jack initiation by fire

I was out in my XK140 with my wife last night and we got a flat tire. I thought we were screwed and I was about to call for a flatbed but decided to check out the goodies under the shelf in my trunk that I had never really paid much attention to. Sure enough, there was a spare that had air, as well as the funky T-shaped jack and ratchet, and a hammer. Everything I needed, really. I just had to figure out how and where to properly use the jack on the car. A quick Google search lead me to pull up the front carpet and remove the oval lid covering the hole in the floor where the jack goes through. From there I removed the rubber stopper in the part where the T jack goes in the frame and inserted the jack. After about 5 minutes of hammer banging and jack ratcheting we were happily on our way, it all worked great!


Well done, John. The first step on that slippery slope towards electrical gremlin chasing and engine rebuilding that has trapped many of us. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Contrasted with the time a couple of months ago when I pulled into the grocery lot and found a new Jaguar XJ being hauled up on a flat bed. I asked the driver what was wrong and he said “Flat tire, going to the dealer.” The dealer is 15 miles away. There is a Firestone shop 200 feet away.

…and a quarter of the price, I’ll bet.

Hi Rob, I’ve already exorcised electrical demons and rebuilt the engine. I just never had occasion to deal with the peculiar, but very effective jack.