XK140 Oil Capacity

I realize a repeating topic, but please bear with me.
With an engine number greater than G1908, regardless of which sump is installed, regardless if you have an OEM oil filter or a spin-on adapter and regardless if you have an incorrect oil dipstick, the proper full volume of oil should measure 8 1/2" below the shoulder of the dipstick. Both the C8701 and C10365 dipsticks have this as the full mark. This would bring the oil level to it’s proper level in the block.
With engines that have modifications, I would think this would be a more definite measure of capacity than published volumes?
Often in error, never in doubt

Right. Another way to measure would be 4.33" or 11 cm below the center line of the crankshaft or the block/sump gasket joint.

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