XK140 OTS- Angle of the brake pedal adjustment?

I am just getting a 56 OTS XK140MC back up and on the road after 40 years in a trailer.
Now running fine, all systems cleaned, rebuilt where needed, water pump changed, all fluids etc.
The brake and clutch pedal angle feel awkward to my feet. the pedal feel like it is angled towards the driver too much.
The rods are set in place with the bolts at the end where the groove is cut.
Is there a way to adjust that angle or will I just have to get used to it?

No the position is fixed.
You need to get used to it.
Did you even tried a Porsche 911?, that is even more strange

Peter Jan
(XK140, XK150 )

Welcome Ken. If you’re handy you can make a new set and give the originals to the new owner someday. You could also by a repop set and alter those.