XK140 OTS Restoration

I am just about to start restoring a 1956 XK140 OTS (UK right hand drive car) and will need many parts along the way. I am getting disolussioned and confused by parts (both “original” second hand and after market remakes) that suppliers and people claim are for this car, but seem at closer inspection might be from XK120’s, perhaps of different dates, from overseas LHD cars, or as aftermaket items not exactly the same dimensions or shapes as the Jaguar Factory!!! Can anyone therefore please help me with photographs SPECIFICALLY of original 1956 XK140 OTS RHD cars that have NOT had restortation or new parts fitted, and I would like to see:

  1. Front bumper and grill
  2. Dashboard
  3. Seats (not the bucket type)
  4. Windscreen
  5. Hood and side screens.

I’m sure I’ll have similar problems with the reproduction rubber trim profiles, etc but want to get the larger parts correct for this 1956 car, and visual photos of originals would certainly help me. Thanks


Welcome. Why not try and locate some of the literature available, “The Original Jaguar XK” (most recent edition) by Philip Porter for example, or “Jaguar XK140 Explored” by Bernard Viart edited by Roger Payne. Paul Skilleter Books in the U.K. carries an extensive selection or check on Amazon. I have no affiliation with any of these by the way. In most cases the authors try and make sure that the cars photographed are as original and if not they will generally identify items that are not correct.


What is the chassis number and the history of the car?
certainly photos of the parts you want are quite easy to supply if you want to email me at tmcgrath@bigpond.com
regards terry
ps I have an XK140 roadster myself

Thanks Chris. I have “The Original Jaguar XK” book and know Paul Skilleter through the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club in the UK - he’s helped me with my restortation of a 1948 MK IV. What however I always find very useful in seeing photographs of original cars that people have, rather than restorations, and through experience I have found that the Jaguar Factory in that era often seemed to mix and match, and perhaps used what they had available in their stock room at the time. For instance my end of production MK IV shares some parts with the MK V, so I suspect the late XK120’s shared some part with the XK140 (certainly the instrument cluster) - so how specifically does a 1956 XK140 OTS RHD look off the production line inside and out?

Thanks Terry I will make contact when I’ve worked out what is correct or not, and/or missing. Basically a rusty shell and boxes of bits that I hope will be delivered to me next week on the back of a lorry (subject to present Covid 19 lockdown restrictions). If I can identify say the Amp Guage in the box is an original part then I need not look for another, or if the front bumper has over-riders then its probably from an export car and I need to find another correct UK version. So many questions - so I thought pictures of the correct car (and specifically the 1956 XK140 OTS) in the physical areas I was going to first start on was the best point to begin my jig saw puzzle.

Looks like the book “Jaguar XK140 Explored” is out of print and stock at the moment according to Paul Skelleter’s web-site:

XK 140 Explored is currently out of stock. XK 120 Explored has been reprinted and is available NOW. XK 140 may follow in 2021

Original copies of the book on certain auction sites are at very high and silly prices to justify buying.

If anyone in the UK has a copy of this XK140 book they want to sell at a reasonable price (or loan to me for a good read) then please send me a personal message with details. Thanks