XK140 Overdrive Gearbox dipstick lenght

Hi All
I’m unsure if I have the correct gearbox dipstick for my 1955 XK140 gearbox with overdrive.
According to the parts manual C2675 is for the standard box without overdrive, and C6853 is for gearboxes with overdrive.
I assume they are not the same length because of the overdrive’s extra packing between cover and housing.
XK140 Explored does not detail out (or I was unable to find it).

Would be great if someone could measure either C2675 or C6853.
Many thanks,

Hi Chris,

This is my overdrive 'box dipstick:

It is longer to allow for the spacer, correct.

Another confirmation, 8" overall length under the flange, full and add-more marks at 7" & 7-1/2".

excellent, thanks for the quick feedback!

I’m on the search for a longer dipstick then, as mine is the short version. Good thing I did not fill till it reached into the oil :slight_smile:


so…to add to this topic of gearbox dipstick, what are the dimensions of the non-OD gearbox dipstick? are they the same 120 140 150 or do they differ…

a bit late but better than never:
My non-OD dipstick is 170mm from the flange to the end, 33mm shorter than the OD variant.


Bonjour, si vous avez des cotes précises , je pense qu’il serai facile de le rallonger ! a bientôt

Oui, c’est ce que j’ai fait, merci!