XK140 Petrol Tank Removal

Good Day Jag Lovers,
I acquired S812797DN in June 2023 and have been sorting out a number of unexpected issues. We began with a broken clutch lever followed by overheating issues, a bad distributor (shorting internally) and petrol starvation. First, thank you to the forum for all your advice with my efforts. The final issue is the fuel tank. After cleaning the fuel lines and rebuilding the fuel pump, it was clear that the fuel tank was the problem. I include photos of the condition of the pump and having pulled the original fuel level sensor that was beyond repair, it was clear that the tank was in need of cleaning.
I am in need to directions on how to remove the fuel tank. Removing the four nuts from below and moving the exhaust out of the way, the tank doesn’t budge. I expect i need to remove the boot, but I have no directions in the manuals I have access to. Can anyone assist me with details of the procedure please?

You are correct, you need to remove the curved back section of the boot. The spare wheel pan fits into the curve of the fuel tank. Remove the bolts securing the spare wheel pan and remove. The gas tank should then be able to be lowered down from the frame.

Thank you Mike,
How is the tank secured? Is it attached to the frame? I see four nuts from below. Are they and the connection at the filling neck all that secures the tank?

Yes, just the four bolts and the connection to the filler hose. Along with the fuel line and the wiring for the sensor of course.


Thank you.