XK140 Sump on a Mk1 Engine

Hi all, the engine I have for my XK140 is from a Mk1 (#KE2153-8) which has the original shallow sedan sump. I have a correct 140 sump, can I use it with the sedan engine? I see there is no external feed pipe on the 140 Sump as is on the Mk1. Also, the Mk1 block only has 3 oil channels to the Tecalmit filter head not 4 as shown in the pics for the 140 engine.
Thanks, James

No the XK140 sump will NOT fit a saloon, way to large for the crossmember.
For the oil filter, only 3 holes are used oil-in from the pump, oil-out to the oil galery and overpressure that will return oil to the sump, on Saloons this an external pipe/hose.

I would keep the sump mated to its original engine. The oil pickup will be different, and the MK1 oil filter needs the external drain pipe since the block doesn’t have the 4th hole.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your replay. I’m actually going the other way, a sedan engine into an xk140.


Hi Mike, yes I think you are right. I could have the 4th hole drilled and put on the correct filter head, but that is risky and could lead to problems.


I believe the 3.4 Mark 1 had the same C8610 block as most of the XK140s.
The oil passages should look like this.

So it would be a matter of matching the XK140 oil filter and the oil pickup tube inside the sump.

Hi Rob, here’s a pic of my engine and there definitely is not a 4th hole for the oil return.

I could drill the hole into the block and get the correct Tecalmit head, or add a return pipe to the xk140 sump, or just keep using the original shallow sedan sump.


That’s interesting, that it still carries the C8610 number cast on the side, though a different mold tag.

The Mark 1 block is listed as C8610/1 or a replacement C15951.
So the difference is the drilled excess dump hole.

You’d think they would have drilled all the blocks and maybe plugged the hole if not in use.

I have an MK2 engine (LC 8789-8) in my XK140 with the oil sump and the oil filter head (Tecalemit FA2690/101) from the original engine. For the first 6000km everything worked just fine.

Hi Felix, is it still working fine?

Absolutely, no problems.

I switched to a spin on oil filter. That was not easy.

The spin oil filter adapter I bought:

How I made the adapter fit:

Good to hear. I bought a spin on conversion kit for the existing Tecalmit filter head that was on the Mk1 block. Hopefully it works!


I would not do that. Risky, in my view. Easier to just plumb the external bypass back into the sump drain. The hose only needs to be oil resistant and good for 300F temp. There is no pressure to speak of.

From the picture above with filter at 90 degrees to block. That would not work on my 140. My filter is vertical below the filter as was the original 140 canister filter. Hope that helps.

Hi Mike, yes I agree it would be too risky. I think I’ll just use all the original sedan parts, cheaper and easier.


Hi Dan, are you saying that the angled filter from the Mk1 would interfere with something in the xk140 engine bay?


Does it foul the 140 battery box? I have one in my XK120.

I’ll do some measuring - I am going to change to a spin-on filter which may help with the fit.


I believe it will either interfere with the frame, radiator support rod or the battery area. I will check tomorrow and take picture of mine. I have a picture from above now, but will get a better shot to confirm for you.