Xk140 tie rod ends

I am helping a friend get her XK140 DHC back on the road. The steering boots were in pieces, so last year I removed the steering rack air rod ends and replaced the boots. There were two washers locking the large acorn nuts (CO-8053 and CO-10027) and they were both mangled, bent, bashed and worn, I bought new ones but now I can not find a reference which says or shows exactly how they ought to be properly installed and what tab ought to be bent to lock them. Are these the only locking washers on the toe rod ends?
Thank You, Michael Moore
Morgan Hill, California


As I recall, there are two lock washers on each side.

Tie Rods

C8053 (29) locks the ball socket to the rack so the tag goes into the rack and C7605 (43) locks the acorn nut cup to the ball socket.


Hope that helps.

Shropshire, UK

PS. Picture now has correct captions.


Thank You Eric,
If you look directly above the ball ended stud in the lower photo, there are two washers. One is the CO-8053, and the other is the CO-10027. I can see how item 29, CO-8053 tab fits into the slot. of the rack I do not see how it locks anything as it has only a single tab. There is also the CO-10027 unaccounted for and I just noted a tiny version of CO-8053 which is sitting between the cup and the acorn nut. I am confused.
Thanks, Mike Moore

I have noticed that CO-8053 is titled "Lock Tab,Steering Rack, DISHED TYPE, and the other is CO-100278 FLAT TYPE . This makes me wonder if there were two types in use at once and you use one or the other.

Mike Moore


You’re right to be confused. So am I. It is about twelve years since I did this job but this is what I think I remember. C8053 is inner tab washer and locks the socket part of the ball joint to rack. In the parts book it is described thus: Washer, tab locking inner ball joint at both ends of rack.

The tab goes into the rack. The ball housing has three slots at 120 deg which is how you unscrew it and you install the washer with the dished face towards the housing. It’s locked by punching the dish into these slots. This is the best picture I have and I have arrowed the slots. You can just make out the slots at 2 o’clock & 6 o’clock have a bit of an indent.
There are two alternative acorn nuts. The early type has slots and for this you use a tab washer C7065 which is slightly dished with three tabs preformed to fit the slots. BTW SNG incorrectly lists this in their catalogue as C7067 which just adds to the confusion but the correct part number is C7065. If you have the later type of nut as I did which has a hexagon you use C10027 which has one tab and is otherwise flat. The tab should align with one of the slots in the housing and you can then knock over the flat part onto the hexagon.

As I say, it was at least twelve years ago I had this all apart and the photos were taken with a Sony Mavica digital camera (remember them?) so they are not very high definition.


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Good for me, I have one of each type of acorn nut. I checked the later type this (C8503 morning with the hexagonal acorn nut. This morning I installed the two washers as you say and as I explained in my responsive comments. The difficulty I am having is what to pound over to lock the acorn nut. There is a little bit of the top washer exposed around the flats of the acorn nut, Should I pry those up and bend them over to lock the acorn nut?

I’m stretching my memory here but if you look at the photo of the disassembled rack, below the part I have labelled ball socket there are two washers. These are the old ones I took out and the one on the right hand side is, I think, the one you refer to. You can see that it has had a small part which I flattened that would have been bent onto the hex nut. So, I think that you do exactly what you suggest… The tag of that washer should be in the housing and you pry one edge away and punch it down onto one of the hex nut flats.
This is a picture of the kit as it arrived.
I believe the washer you are dealing with is the one I’ve arrowed.


That sure is a thick piece of washer to be bending, but someone else has said the same thing. I am so fortunate to have a sawed-off sledge hammer! Thanks for the confirmation.

The “Inner Tie Rod” fixation on the XK 140 & 150 is an old subject on the XK Forum, many times discussed, but still there are some “open ends” (at least for me).

Looking at Plate AC of the XK 140 SPC, we see two tab washers.
Item 43 ("securing ball housing") looks like a “dished version” and is described as either C.7605 for early XK 140s or C.10027 for all other versions with the large hexagon Tie Rod nut. But apparently Plate AC is misleading as C.10027 is the flat tab washer (at least supplied as such).
Item 29 on same Plate AC looks much “flatter” than Item 43 but the corresponding part number C.8053 (“locking inner ball joint to end of rack”) is apparently the Dished tab lock washer. So much for relying on Jaguar drawings…
The next problem is: how to “lock” the tab washers to the Tie Rod Assy and to the Rack. What is supplied by most (all?) suppliers for the flat washer (C.10027) is more or less identical (though rather thick if you want to bend the washer over the large nut).
The Dished washer C.8053 is a “strange specimen” with the inner lip too long and bent in the wrong direction. Do we know whether this is identical with the original Jaguar version or just another tab washer that more or less does the job?? I noticed that a Belgian Part Supplier (and possibly others) has a different version with two dimples that fit in the two openings of the end of Rack C.7067.
First impression is that this shape seems to be more logical as the two “dimpels” seem to fit in the slots of the Rack end and the shape is more like a cup than like a dish… Is this a new product or is it more in line with the original Jaguar version? .
The next problem is that the outer diameter of these tab washers: both C.8053 and C.10027 seem to have the same diameter which makes it rather difficult to bend one tab washer if the other is hindering access.

Has anyone of you solved (all of the) above issues and found a good method/order to securely lock these washers?

Bob K.

I don’t remember seeing anything like the pictured washer when I took my rack apart and in the kit I bought most of the washers were similar enough to what I removed. The dished washer (you can just make it out in my picture) just has a locating tag.

If you look carefully at the first picture I posted, the two washers under the nut and ball socket are the ones I took out when I stripped the rack and closely match the replacements in the kit.


I have seen this part in various XK’s or jags maybe E types I have dismantled so it is a jaguar part

Eric and others,

Went on to find out what would be the best approach and order of assembly. See photos. The “dished” tab washer is best shaped as shown (photo1) in order to fit in the sleeve of the rack end (photo 2);

First assemble and “lock” the ball housing with the flat tab washer, trying to opt for a bending position on the large tie rod nut, that will show one of the three slots (photo 3) to be used for “punching” and locking the dished washer after the complete tie rod end has been screwed in the rack end (photo 4).

It worked for me and I hope this will work for others as well.

Bob K.


Hi Eric, Bob,
Am battling to seperate the Nut & the Ball Socket.
Is there a ‘trick’ or special tool?
Many thanks, Mike

I know this thread is “sleeping”, but to thank @Bob_K1 for his post that provides very helpful advice on assembling the tab washers, and perhaps help someone in future separate the two half of the joint without destroying them, this is how I did it…

The thread on the male thread that secures the joint to the rack is 11/16"-16. It is a standard UNF thread, but not a common one. I was unable to find a fastener vendor who sells them. I did, however, find a truck lug nut with this thread, that is available (on special order) from Napa Auto Parts:
I ordered 2, so that I could slice the top 5/16" or so off one of them, and use it with the other one as a pair of jam nuts to double nut the cap off the body (nut) of the joint. It was very tight, but came off…

I hope this helps someone else in future.


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