XK140 tie rod question

I kept waiting for elves to come out at night and restore the XK120 in my garage but I finally gave up and bought an already-done XK140 that I can drive now. It has been restored to better-than-new appearance but I’m going through it mechanically to be sure everything is right in that realm. One of the things I discovered, after noticing rubber shreds caught in the wheels, is that the front alignment was toed-out by 1/4". I loosened the tie rods and cranked the front end together on each side, but when I ran out of threads and the tie rods stopped turning the wheels were aligned straight ahead. That’s good, but it surprises me that there is not any more adjustment available. One would think that parallel alignment would be somewhere in the middle of the adjustment range, not at the absolute end. Did the restorer put the wrong tie rod ends on this car? Everything is tight and the rubber is all new, so some attention has been given to the front end. The tie rods have marks on them showing signs of having been gripped with vice-grips or equivalent, so they may well be original. Are there incorrect tie rod ends with too much un-threaded rod?

My 140 OTS shows about the same thing. I haven’t had it aligned yet. Where the inner tie rod attaches to the rack there are a couple washer arrangements. I think there was a flat lock washer and dished lock washer and what I bought recently was a lot thicker than the old ones I took off. I’m not certain if the length of the rack is same 140/150 or which I have. I can also see how the shims on the upper arms might have some effect on toe. Think that one through.

I just had an alignment done after a rack re build I did over the winter.
Before any work was done there were no threads showing on either trackrod, After a Parallel to 1/8 toe in adjustment I still have no threads showing. I am not sure if the adjustment has bottomed out.
Another 1/4 inch of thread would be nice.

Just going to throw this in…havent looked up the details but recently refurbed my 150 rack…im sure i remember seeing that two different length tie rods are available…the part that track rod end ball joints screw into. …cant remember where i saw it…probably CA…possibly Killey Crinton rack refurbs…and not sure if it was for 150 only or for models…so worth checking out if you can’t set correct front track…Steve

Mike, can you determine the thread size? Maybe I have a die that can cut more threads.

This is the link to the longer tie rods i mentioned above for 140/150…not sure on the wording if it relates to some cars had longer rods…or these are longer rods that are available…they have a different shape as shown Steve 4211L Special Longer Inner Tie Rods