XK150 Bonnet latch assembly

Does anyone have a picture of the latch assembly. I am rebuilding a FHC and the release assembly (not the safety latch) was in a loose box. I’m not sure if I have the right parts as I do not seem to be able to make sense of the installation. Cable etc are logical, as is the bonnet pin/spring assembly.
None of the books, manuals or catalogs that I have give a clear picture.
Any help grab fully received

Hi Mike. Does this help.

Cheers Phil.

Here are some photos of an early fhc.

As a concours chief judge I could never get a definitive answer as to whether the striking plate was plated or painted body color. I note from the picture that the mounting bolts are not painted. I would think that if the mechanism was bolted on the car prior to painting everything would be covered. On my XK150 OTS the plate is not painnted.
Pat H.

Note that part #8 in the SC diagram is actually several pieces sandwiched together. The middle piece is what the cable attaches to and slides to release the spring catch. There are two cylindrical spacers that prevent it from being squeezed too tightly.

I think that it is the cylindrical spacers that are missing.

Thank you. I had sort of worked this out from the photographs posted. I have machined two brass spacers and the assembly seems to be working. Now to find a suitable spring.
Thanks for your help.

Thank you for the pictures. I finally realized that the two spacers were missing, yours pics sent me on the right trail. It also pointed out that there is a cup at both ends of the bullet spring. I only had one at the pointed end.

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