Xk150 brake piston size

Hi All…continuing with the front/rear brake refurb…fronts were very badly corroded…priced up getting them sleeved but decided to go for 4 piston caliper upgrades…so moved to the rears…not too bad condition look like new seals would be ok…but measureing up i find the pistons are 1 1/2in…service manual says either 1 5/8in or 1 3/4in parts catalogue lists 2 variants…but SC parts show 3 variants with 1 1/2in included…iv also seen a mention of 1 11/16 pistons…so a photo of my rear pistons 1 1/2in are these 150 or possibly Mk2 which i know use 1 1/2…Is it possible that a 1960 xk on the production line at same time as mk2 could get mk2 rear calipers…thanks…Steve

SCParts is overpriced, the same XK150 front brake upgrade is almost 200 pond more expensive than the one from SNGBarratt. Also the rear brake calipers assembly is way cheaper here, look at there site, using the Chassis number will give you the right parts.

Hi Peter…I would not purchase from SC parts…i was just mentioning that their catalogue shiws 1 1/2 pistons as one of tbe options for xk150

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