XK150 cubby hole finish

My XK150 Cubby hole is finished in kind of a green baize with rusty staples, not sure if this is “stock” but I’m not happy with it. I have seen pictures of radio speaker grilles installed here, does anyone know where I can find an appropriate grille or piece of metal to fill it?

Yes the green fuzz is stock, same as the other glove box with lid. Personally I like the open box for sunglasses or glove storage, you could always remove the box and adhere a green or even red velvet type fabric to match your cabin. I can give you details on box removal if required.

Thanks Morris, OK, I’ll bite, I had a look and it seems to be held in by a bunch of small screws, does the dash have to come out to remove it? :thinking:


#1 Remove lower chrome strip[ small nuts behind]
#2 Lower steering column by undoing bracket under dash.
#3 Remove center leather dash section. two small bolts under dash and two black knurled knobs at top corners. [All knobs have to be removed first ]
#4 Remove two bolts now visible on right side of box.
#5 Remove two screws on left side which attach metal bracket to left side body.[ see picture]
If you have O/D the switch will have to be removed.
Front leather section and box should be able to be removed as a unit.
Its been a few years since I removed mine so I may be a bit rusty, I just cannot remember if the steering wheel comes off. Once you’ve done it once its a doddle.

e it a doddle.
You could use a green spray paint and color it without removing anything.

Thanks Morris; I think I might take a look at gluing some new felt in the cubby without taking it all apart; maybe some black felt to match the dashboard.