XK150 FHC - Battery (s) and location

My LHD is being converted to RHD and also to negative earth. Fitting electric power steering, air con, 123 Ign and alternator. Do most people keep with 2 x 6 volt batteries kept in the Battery Boxes under the front wing? Or is there a better option during updating? Batteries under the wings must be very inaccessible. What if the car neends jumping off? Any suggestions from your experience would be helpful. Thanks Graham

I have a LHD XK 140 and 150.
On both I have one 12v Battery in the right side Battery box.
That is the easy way for the wiring, very close to the starter.
During restauration I had modified that side so it could fit a 70Ah battery.
If you have max steering you can always access the battery.
I have negative ground and the positive side is just behind the battery box door.

Hi Peter : thanks for your comments. Yeah putting one 12 V battery in the RH battery box is what Clayton Classics (a UK Restorer) suggested. They also put their own AC system in fitting the condenser in the LH battery box. They did this on their own XK150. Thanks Graham


Same for me: one 12 Volt battery at the RH side of a 140 FHC. See pic. Access is not too bad via the door of the compartment (and is very good when you remove the wheel). I can operate the switch by putting my arm down from the top.

Bob K.

Thanks Bob for the picture. Regards Graham

Here is another battery installation in a 150.

Yep, I have single side terminal battery in right hand battery box. You can jump from the starter solenoid if required.

I connect my battery maintainer to the starter solenoid and engine, so no need to access battery directly. I also have isolator on battery that I can reach down to from the engine bay.