XK150 FHC door check straps

Can anyone help me with some photos of the door check straps for my 150?
My car has the connecting points but I’m unable to find the correct straps. The last pair I sourced are for a mk2 despite the sellers assurance they were for my XK. I would also very much appreciate if anyone has a photo on the mounting connection inside the doors.
Thank you in anticipation
Best regards
Phil D.

It’s a bit tough to capture with a cell phone.
This is my OTS, hope it helps:

Hi Phil…unfortunatly iv just repainted mine and fitted and trimmed the door and no photos…you can see the strap in Daves photo above…i cant find one on a quick google search but its very similar to this photo but possibky slimmer…there is no actual fixing inside the door the strap slips in between 2 thin strips.when the door is fully open the spring attachments on the end of the strap latch/spring into the 2 strips…hope this may help…Steve

Uh ha…here you go Leaping Cats… your lucky im just sitting in waiting on a delivery so time to spare for a search…Steve

I make them here in OZ and almost certainly have a pair of originals to spare

Many thanks chaps. The ones shown are what I have, I assumed they are for mk2 as I couldn’t see how to mount them. I’ll now relook with the help of this info.

Terry, your offer is very generous let me see if I can figure things out first.

So just to feedback this what I have and it looks to me that I’m missing the two guiding ‘flaps’ in the door. The principal is the same on a mk2