XK150 FHC interior color advice

Hi community,

I am almost at the end of the restoration process of my XK150 and am hesitating on the choice(s) for the interior of the car. The car will be painted in BRG and for the interior I was thinking at either a
combination of Biscuit (side pannels, dashboard) and Cinemarron (seats) or everything from one color, I was thinking at the Biscuit color … what do you think? One one two colors? Which one(s)?

Thank you for your suggestions.


My vote is all biscuit, but don’t listen to me! I am going for BRG and tan, but I have changed my mind before

Thank you Jim,
My car today looks like:

Your choice, but my advice is to always select a factory original colour combination, and XK150 did offer Tan and Light Tan interior colours, but always the single colour, not a mix of two colours. With brg paint there were other interior colour choices, which you can get details off in Anders Clausager Jaguar XK140 and XK150 In Detail book. I cannot recall off the top of my head.

But whatever you do, don’t mix interior colours and don’t go with Cinnamon which is not XK150 original.

Also note, certain colours and interior colours work better in FHC than in an OTS, and vice versa

Thank you for your insights Roger.
Good advices indeed … I’ll check in the book you mentionned, I own it.
The current, well in fact former, color was Tan I think.

The more I think and read about the subject the more I think I’ll go for a one color scheme, if the producer of the interiors, a UK based company, has also Tan color … I’ll look at that too.

I too went with BRG and Biscuit for my 58 OTS. Love the combination and urge you to stay with factory original colors. As an aside I have some FHC parts to get rid of, back window glass, wooden floor boards, demister vents, so let me know if you are missing any parts, otherwise they go to E Bay.


I’ll be the dissenting voice: it is your car: within reason, use the interior color scheme you want.

If you place high importance on factory “correct,” by all means go for that.

If it’s not a deal-breaker, and you intend on keeping/driving it (not building an “investment” car) then do what you want.

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