XK150 FHC Rear window frame

Hi fellow Jag lovers.
I am reinstalling the rear side window frames on my 1960 FHC. When aligning the bottom and top screw holes in the frame with the holes in the body, I find that the curved section at the rear of frame is held clear of the curved section of the body by 1/4 -3/8 inch. Also the can’t-rail rivets, which were likewise aligned using original rivet holes, are visible in some places.
Has anyone rebuilt this area of the car or have similar problems with their car.
I know that Jags were not built to the highest standards but this seems a little extreme.
Also note, this is similar on both sides.
Thanks in advance

Hi Mike…there is a seal that fits between the quartelite frame and body…Steve

Yes Steve. the correct new seal is in place. Still a gap at the rear.

Please post some pictures!

Hi Mike…i have removed mine and refitted them with no problem…is yours a rebuild with the original parts? Steve… and as above photos may help