XK150 front grill repair of safety blade

I have a straight un-dented XK150 grill with decent chrome. However, the small blade that is welded or brazed to the bottom end of the vertical center chrome slats is broken off just at the rear of the slats. Hence, the safety spring hook is unable to engage and secure the grill and hood.

I would like to repair blade functionality without overheating and damaging the existing chrome as I do not want to rechrome grill.

Has anyone ever solved this problem or have any good ideas?

I have soldered quite a bit on a Mark V grille and an XK120 grille.
The technique is to not let too much heat on it.
I use a propane torch with a hose nozzle so it’s easy to control.
Clean each surface, then tin it separately.
Then solder the two pieces together.
With both areas pre-tinned, you should be able to stick them together without too much heat.


Aren’t those pieces brazed? If so, would a solder joint be strong enough to hold the bonnet if it popped open?

The soldering I did was on vanes, not stressed joints. I am not familiar with the 150 grille. I understand you folks often use a dog collar as a second line of defense. Perhaps a picture to understand the problem better?

Can’t speak for the XK150 grille but the XK120’s vanes were silver soldered, definitely not brazed. You can apply sufficient heat to silver solder, which is quite strong, without discolouring the chrome. The trick is to not detach the adjacent vanes in the process.