XK150 Fuel Lid Door Advice Needed

Hi All,

I am trying to attach the fuel lid door hinge to the body. It is secured by two setscrews that have pointed ends to help locate them into the captive nuts in the body of the filler box (later type of XK150 fuel door).

So far I have failed to get even a bite into either hole without the lid - just the screws on their own. I first want to make sure the holes are “clean” enough to accept the screws easily. There does not appear to be anything other than surface corrosion on the nuts, and I’m confident if I can line them up they will engage without much trouble.

The issue is lack of any kind of space to properly line them up to get them started - there is hardly any room to see and line things up. I have tried using my fingers, and with the screw fixed into the end of a socket with clay or grease and on different lengths of 1/4" socket extensions.

Does anyone have any ideas or tricks for doing this?

I wonder if I can get a really long screw, say 3", make the end really pointy and then the head may be in the aperture where it will be easier to maneuver and turn with a socket. However this would only ensure the threads are OK, I would still have to do it for real.


I know this sounds stupid but are they the correct screws, just try a smaller size.
If they are the correct screws try threading a nut on them to see if the thread is messed up.
Lubricate hole and screw, have a cup of tea . then go for it again, if still no good maybe get some female slimmer fingers in there to have a go. Wife daughter sister mistress.

Hi Morris,

Thanks - pretty sure they are the correct screws as I am using one taken from the latch side - they are the same special part number (pointed ends): #10 or 3/16", 32 tpi. Also bought new ones, but have not filed them to a point.

At this point considering something stronger than tea - been at this for days!


Stronger than tea will just make it worse​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Ok , l’m out of suggestions.
Keep trying, if your retired like me you have lots of days to keep on screwing. !
Whoops ! gonna get in trouble for that one.

Hi Clive…could you cut a slot in the end of the screw…then from underneath pass a screwdriver up through the nut…locate in slot in endof screw and screw it down. …Steve

I sometimes grind a groove or two across the threads of a bolt/setscrew which is surplus to requirements. It can help clean out a thread where there isn’t room to get an appropriate tap in.

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