Xk150 fuel pump loud

Electronic fuel pump from XK’S Unlimited. Very noisy, any other models?

Welcome Allen. Do you mean the original SU LCS type with electronic conversion, or do you mean some other brand?

My electronic pump sounds the same as the original, do you have it mounted on the rubber part CO-974, I believe XK’s have now a kit which includes mounting hardware and grommets. part 23-1600.
It 's probably cheaper just to find a couple of grommets for a $1.00 rather than spend $3.79 X 2 for the kit = 7.58 plus post .

Thanks guys for your response. I replaced the original SU LCS pump because it would fail consistently over time. I installed an electronic unit from XK’S unlimited but it’s very loud and does have the appropriate grommets. I guess what I’m asking is there an alternative fuel pump that’s available that reliable and less noisy.

Purchase one of the transistorized version Lucas pumps. That eliminates the failures due to burned contacts

I just dont understand , ?? it’s only noticeable at idle, at 2000rpm everything else fills the eardrums.

You’re absolutely right, but I’ve had this car for over 60 years. It’s been completely restored and I can remember that the fuel pump didn’t make that much noise. Plus My hearing has diminished over those years.

Back in the 60’s we considered the noise of the fuel pump to be reassuring.

I have the Lucas LCS with transistorized electronics and rubber mounts, and I never hear it when the engine is running, in fact its been so reliable I hardly ever think about it.

Wow , you must have bought from new as my 58 is 61 years old now, May I ask what your engine and chassis numbers are as I cross reference the V engines with the Vin numbers.