Xk150 harmonic balancer removal

I am pulling the engine in a xk150 to do a transmission swap. I was advised that the harmonic balancer needs to be removerd before pulling the engine. Ive already removed the drive shaft. Does it need to be reinstalled to help lock the motor before the center bolt can be removed?

You could use the output flange on the tranny to “block” rotation, or use an air wrench on balancer bolt, or use a big screw driver thru the flywheel viewing port (in bell housing) to lock the F/W, or use a long length of threaded rod to act as a piston stop…

I was not aware that the damper had to be removed on a 150 to pull the engine. It does not on a 120. Maybe this advice came from an E-Type owner, which would be correct for his car.
If true, another idea is to remove the trans top cover and put it in two gears at once, say 1st and reverse.

It helps but not essential. as suggested it should come free if you use a shock/impact driver approach. even a decent hammer on a 15/16 spanner will work. A for of people cut the bonnet support/closing frame to give more access ten simply weld it back in. (makes it like the 120)

Thanks , I made a bat that bolts to the flange and locks against the tunnel. Would have been much easier to gave done it before removing the drive shaft.