Xk150 Oil pressure pipe clip locations

I am looking for guidance on the location of the clips that retain the oil pressure copper tubing under the manifold. A picture would be great! Thanks

Don’t tell anybody but I use zip ties to hold the temperature bulb sense line to the heater return pipe and nothing supporting the oil pressure sense line. I don’t see any info on support clips in the parts manual.

It is very difficult to take a picture when the engine is installed, this is the best I can do,
as you can see it exits the firewall grommet and coils around and then joins the flex pipe, at no point are there any clips, just make sure the pipe is not rubbing on anything.
It is a very rigid steel pipe and once attached to the gauge and supported by the rubber grommet it stays in place very well.

It’s a bit hard to see from Morris’s photo. The oil pipe passes through the firewall alongside the temperature capillary tube, then drops down and a clip is placed around the pipe on the firewall. The oil feed line then passes lower down and connects to the flexible at the oil filter.
I have a picture of the clip location but have forgotten how to send a photo !!!

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