XK150 OTS Door Window Chrome / Glass Installation

I am trying to install the channel felt between the chrome surround and window glass. Can someone walk me through the best process for doing this? Thanks in advance.

I have an OTS but I have not done this yet to my car. Is it worth taking to an auto glazier for some advice or install.

Thanks for the reply. The 3 in town have all refused to do the job but I didn’t ask for advice. Good idea.

I am guessing there is no channel felt, window slides up and down chrome in steel channel?
Guessing you mean putting glass back into chrome brass frame?
There is a special rubber you use and after pressing it in you pour kero/turps I think which swells the rubber
I have rolls of the rubber 1mm 1.5mm and 2mm thick

Thank you Terry. Yes, I’m trying to describe putting the glass back into the chrome brass frame. I had a hard time explaining it to the supplier and what they sent is labeled “channel felt.” Your explanation makes sense because, when I took it apart, I don’t remember any felt – just rubber as you describe. Do you sell that rubber tape?


The material you’re looking for is called “Everseal” and is a thin rubber setting tape that is still available (not only from the “usual suspects”). The Jaguar code is BD.4714. I don’t know what thickness Jaguar used but it is available in 1/32, 1/16 and 3/32". The thickness also depends on whether you have rechromed your window frames. Hope this helps.

Bob K.

Thank you Bob.