XK150 Speedometer cable routing and bracket C13379

Would anyone have a photo of a C13379 speedometer cable clip bracket? Or where is it located?

I am looking for info on how is the speedometer cable routed and where is it clipped.

I can see there is:
C2706 firewall grommet
C13379 bracket and C1040/9 clip (standard P clip)
C1543/7 clip - how does it look like?

However I have no idea where are these clips…


Hi Tadek, is this the P clip you are looking for ? The other clip may be the one that fastens the cable to the gearbox lid through the bolts that hold the lid to the gearbox.

Many thanks!
I guess so - I have no idea how it should be fastened.

Would you by any chance have a photo where is the other clip is fastened on the lid?

No , sorry can’t access that it is covered over, suggest location of best fit keeping in mind the radius of the cable to be fixed.

No problem, the photo of the bracket really helped.
Thanks again.

there is a clip somewhere under bottom of firewall/floor it maybe a hook type clip similar to bootlid bonnet arrangement on xK120?

Well,it seems that this special clip is mounted on the gearbox -

It’s also found on MK VII:
C.1543/7 for petrol pump cables and stop light switch cables

The C1543/X exist in a number of other locations:

C1543/6 is a Clip, securing Panel Harness (at each end) on XK120
C1543/4 is a Clip, securing Chassis Harness to L.H. Side Member and Cross Member of Chassis Frame, also R.H. Horn Cable to R.H. Side Member on XK120 (Omega Clip)

On the XK140 there are these clips as well:
C1543/2 Clip, securing Chassis Harness
C1543/4 Clip, securing Chassis Harness (Omega Clip)
C1543/6 Clip, securing Cables to Stop Light Switch and Dynamo
C1543/8 Clip, securing Speedometer Cable and Petrol Tank harness.