XK150 Top Anchor Bar

What did you use in its place and where did you find it?

I paid the crazy number to SNG Barratt for a new one.


It is broken at each of the hinges. I texted you a photo of the triangular pieces.


Thanks for the pics. I may be able to use the little ends as mine has the hinges but no little box ends.
On the tension bar - I guess i would like to get what I paid plus freight. I will check with Welsh and see if they have a record of the sale. I can easily draw you a template but getting the right bend for the bow to fit the car will be tricky. Also note Terry in Perth Australia has them laser cut. Probably the only good way to cut them this way otherwise its a tricky operation. Looks like I paid about $175 as Welsh still have record. I have no idea about freight. Will try to get a number for that if you are interested. Let me know.

Absolutely interested. Thanks for checking.

FedEx ground would be somewhere between $20 and $25 as an estimate. So overall $200 should do it.

How do you prefer payment and how would you like to handle the triangular pieces? I would be happy to give them to you if you want to pay for shipment.

Sounds good. I have sent you address etc via text.

Turns out Fedex was much more expensive so I sent it post for $33 bucks.
Should get it soon. I will check tomorrow with the bank and see if there was a problem.
Nice meeting you Patick. Tell me about your XK150. History. Any story attached. Mine has a little stpory. The Heritage Cert says it was originally sold to James reid and delivered to him in Edmonds WA in Oct 58. How about that. I found it at a Classic car dealer in Hollywood CA and brought it home after all these years. It now is owned by another Read but it is home in Edmonds WA. 60 years later.

Thanks Glen.

I am just completing a 2 ½ year restoration on my ‘58. It’s now at the upholsterer’s and I hope to have it back sometime in July. I wrote a story about it in the XK Gazette. My father was driving one when he met my mom and this was supposed to be a fun project for him to watch (he is 87 so he mostly watches and makes suggestions). Covid got in the way of that but it has kept me sane for the last couple of years (I took it all the way down to the frame) and I can’t wait to drive it!


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Interesting what color? model? Mine is the S version and a OTS roadster. The paint was done in Toronto about 15 yrs ago but I have redone all the mechanical, wiring, engine, suspension, instruments etc. It’s a good runner. Have made 99.6 points in the Concours. Here are a couple of pics.

Just checked the bank before sending this. The check went thru OK. Its another great way of sending money easily. The watermark on the back did not show up too well but it seems to have worked. Happy the tension bar went to a needy person. Good luck Ptrick. I hope I can use the box ends you are sending. I do have the hinges as the little tonneau does swing back and forth but the hinge is simply screwed to the top of the pillar.

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Beautiful car! Mine is a standard OTS (SE) which was Sherwood green with suede green interior. I’ve changed it to indigo blue with red interior which were the colors of my dad’s back in 1961.

Thanks for the help with the tension bar.