XK150 vs XK 140 axle - differences?

A friendly workshop here is having a problem with splined hubs for XK150.

The hubs which they got from Orson sit in too far on the axle. In turn, it’s impossible to tighten the hub on the axle.
The hubs were sent back to Orson, they checked the specs of the tapper, and they say it’s spot on.

I checked the PN and it seems that the same half shaft was used on XK120-XK140.

Since the car is a combination of XK140 & XK150 parts, I begun to wonder if the axle is not a XK140 axle instead of XK150.

The car has disc brakes in the rear.

Anyone has an idea what the problem might be??

First assumption was that the axles have been machined, but it the old splined hubs sit fine on the axle!..


I have 2HA and 4HA XK120 axles and XK150 axles. I can’t say Ive noticed a difference in them. It is difficult measure small differences in length on something that long.

Hi Tadek…MWS in the UK sell the splined hubs…I would contact then and ask for drawings of the 140/150 hubs they sell…their technical guys are very helpefull iv had technical drawincs of wheel hubs from them…I havent had dealings with Orson…but i know you use the UK E type forum and Orsen are mentioned quite a bit for not produceing very good wheel spinners…their copies are much different to originals…Steve…PS…have a look at this link…shows 120/140 & a 150 hub http://shop.mwsint.com/productsList.asp?catid=114&pagenum=3&mode=list

I am 100% sure no difference between axle WW or disc wheel late XK120 through to XK150 ie 4HA and also positive no difference in axle on 2HA salisbury ie earlier XK120.
But given repro axles, hubs etc wear you can be fairly sure there will be miinor problems.
I had problems with set of hubs ex probably MWS for MKIV and car had new axles and the hubs went to far up the taper by 2-3 mm

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When in doubt it can’t hurt to look up the part numbers.



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Well, Terry, this seems to be exactly the problem… What did you do??


I did this exercise:

Rear axle shaft hub
XK120 ENV 820 or 822
XK120, 4HA, 2HA 3924 (4HA-005) C6022 C6023
XK140 drum 3924 (4HA-005) C6022 C6023
XK150 3924 (4HA-005) C12933 C12934
MK VII 2HA 3825 (2HA-005/6) C3079 disc wheel
MK VII 2HA 5378 (2HA-005/13) C3079 disc wheel
MK VII 2HA 5420 (2HA-005/11) C3079 disc wheel
MK VII 4HA 5419 (4HA-005/11) C5064 disc wheel
MK VIII 5419 (4HA-005/11) C5064 disc wheel
MK IX 5419 (4HA-005/11) ???
MKI 3.4 6975 (4HA-005/24) C13094 C13095
MKII 3.4 7995 (4HA-005/47) C13094 C13095
MKI 2.4 4139 (4HA-005/17) drum only
MKII 2.4 early 7992 (4HA-005/58) C13094 C13095
MKII 2.4 late 7995 (4HA-005/47) C13094 C13095

I am just missing MKIX hubs, if it had wire wheels.

Steve, I have used Orson hubs for a number of cars, and never had any problems - I am aware though of the e-type spinner problem.

Mike, thanks for the photo it’s a good one to see how it’s mounted…

I guess a solution would be to machine the inner end of the hub and shim the front? Then shim the brake disc?..


So this confirms that all Salisbury 2HA & 4HA XK120/140/150 half shafts are the same, and the hubs differ along drum/disc brake types. So an XK 150 hub should fit any XK Salisbury axle shaft without issue, which has been my experience. So far as I know, there were no factory wire wheels on MkIX.

Reproduction XK150 hub on the left, original XK120 on the right.

no such thing! :grinning:

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