XK8 abs module suspected 2002 4.2

Well, this week i have a full set of lights on my dash,
Low brake fluid, handbrake on, orange and red eliptical lights,no speedo,no trip computer.
My research suggests a faulty abs module
Ive recently had 2 wheel sensors replaced, no change.
I have removed the pump and module, no part number on the module!
Where do i go from here??


I think most people end up having them repaired, or repairing them themselves. I havent done it myself, but there are lots of threads on it. Possibly check ebay to see it anyone offers repair services. I had to do that with my ecu. Good luck!

got a replacement from texas, i have replaced it and lots of dash l8ghts are gone for good!
I have the trip computer back, handbrake dash light now on and off correctly, orange and red eliptical lightIs off.
This has clearly cured a lot of my problems, with the cambus i guess.
Onto bleeding the brakes, so far i have ro6nded one nipple, and sheared another…replecements seem cheap enough so i iamagine ill be replacing at least 2.

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After replacing all 4 calipers with good second hand ones and bleeding entire system, all was improved.
I still had a dtc error light over 10mph .
I then had a front knuckle replaced to cure a wheel bearing noise, now i have a permanent abs lught on the dash. My plan is to reokace the senson amd cable to that wheel but not sure what brand to purchase. Do 5he cheap ones work?

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My mechanic took mine apart and re-soldered the bad connections on the board. He has done this many times and says it is a common thing.

Thanks ronald, yes i was told poor solder is common fix for xk8 abs modules. That applied to earlier types than mine. In have replaced the module and pretty sure its the sensor or cable now.
In UK, eurocarparts used to sell the Denso sensor and wire but not now. That is what i would like to replace next.
Thanks for the reply.

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What DTCs are in the module? You can keep ‘throwing-parts’ at the car until it is fixed or you can diagnose and replace the known faulty part(s).

The ABS module already knows what is wrong. (just ask it)

C1141 was the main error, i havnt rechecked since the bearing was replaced but i suspect the cable and/or sensor has been damaged.
Tone ring missing a tooth was the description, ring appear good, both of them.

LH front wheel speed sensor reluctor tooth (teeth) missing or damaged

The sensor is trying to ‘count’ but seems to ‘skip’ a tooth. (or more)
LH front wheel speed sensor mechanical fault

Not electrical!
C2003_X100.pdf (48.7 KB)