XK8 abs module suspected 2002 4.2

Well, this week i have a full set of lights on my dash,
Low brake fluid, handbrake on, orange and red eliptical lights,no speedo,no trip computer.
My research suggests a faulty abs module
Ive recently had 2 wheel sensors replaced, no change.
I have removed the pump and module, no part number on the module!
Where do i go from here??


I think most people end up having them repaired, or repairing them themselves. I havent done it myself, but there are lots of threads on it. Possibly check ebay to see it anyone offers repair services. I had to do that with my ecu. Good luck!

got a replacement from texas, i have replaced it and lots of dash l8ghts are gone for good!
I have the trip computer back, handbrake dash light now on and off correctly, orange and red eliptical lightIs off.
This has clearly cured a lot of my problems, with the cambus i guess.
Onto bleeding the brakes, so far i have ro6nded one nipple, and sheared another…replecements seem cheap enough so i iamagine ill be replacing at least 2.

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