XK8 Boot Lid Supports/Lifters/Struts Needed

I need new trunk or boot lid pneumatic supports. Unable to find a part number or similar. What part and source would you recommend?

I got a pair for an X300 from Auto Value. The guys on the desk had to go through a few parts catalogues before they found a supplier. Go to a store in the poorer part of town; they are better at finding odd parts sources.

I’ll have to remember this day. Advised to shop for a Jaguar in the poorer part of town.

My experience is that the auto parts stores in the working class parts of town have the most experienced, most innovative counter guys. I would assume this is because they deal the most with guys trying to keep old clunkers going. Same with wreckers, go to the industrial part of town.

For the gas struts on my X300 trunk, the regular parts stores were useless. Their catalogs didn’t even list Jaguars; even though you knew that there were many things like bulbs, batteries, ect that were common. After going through several catalogues, these guys were able to order in a pair for me.

Find a big parts store in a working class neighbourhood with a parking lot full of escapees from the 20th century.

You don’t say where you are located. That might help a lot.

I’m in San Juan Capistrano, Orange County California. ‘Half way between Los Angeles and San Diego.
Here in the coastal strip we have two kinds of old guys looking for car parts.
Guys looking for parts to your basic old Chevy.
Guys looking for parts to your basic old Bugatti.

So I did what needed to be done - shopped on-line.
I do understand what you are saying about working class auto parts shops. The guys there are good innovators - making what is available do the job.

Fixing old cars with what ever is available is practiced to an art form in Cuba.

Dave Solt


1958 DeSoto driven every day! Original!

I like the quad air horns. I thought about fitting air horns to a Midget I owned, once upon a a time.

Also note that the De Soto was converted to an alternator at some time.

Looks like you found your struts, but JIC, I got mine from Rock Auto. Cheap, several choices.

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