XK8 Convertable top problem

(Gary Mees) #1

Hey girls and guys

I have a problem with my convertible top initially it would not go up or down and I discovered that the passenger side ram had frozen, I replaced this and now it will go down but will not go up and on the dash it indicates that the ‘top is not latched’ (this is when it is in the down position), do any of you have an idea what this could be, I can raise it manually but obviously this is a pain in the rear.

any help would be gratefully received.

(phillip keeter) #2

When you replaced the side ram, did you need to deal with any other parts, springs, etc? JUst a idea.

(Gary Mees) #3

No just replaced the ram ;(

(motorcarman) #4

Passenger/Driver side means absolutely NOTHING describing Jaguars!!
RHD passenger or LHD passenger???

The right lift ram has position/limit switches incorporated. Are both plugged in or attached properly?
There are micro switches in the top latch linkage for position/status also. The BPM is involved in the operation of the top but is not likely the problem.

More diagnosis required.


(Gary Mees) #5

BOB, I agree it makes a difference LHD or RHD but if you had clicked on my picture it would show that I live in AZ, USA and therefore the odds of me having a RHD XK8 are limited, but I do take your point.
I shall certainly check out the switches as it was the RHD ram that I replaced and must admit I wasn’t happy with the switch connection.
Thank you for the suggestion.