[xk8] Coolant Leak - It was just the cap

A few years back I developed a slight coolant leak. I could
occasionally see some coolant down below the thermaostat housing.
So I went through the major hassle of replacing the thermostat
housing. The two rear bolts are nearly impossible without removing
the manifold.

Nevertheless, I continued to have a leak. Not much. Not enough to
make a puddle but often, after shutting the car off hot, I could
smell the coolant. I have been adding about a half-cup of 50/50
every few weeks to compensate for the leak (the ‘‘coolant low’’ light
always reminded me).

Recently, I changed my water pump and did a coolant flush. I felt
the coolant would come out faster if I removed the cap on the
thermosat housing (it doesn’t). So I inserted the correct hex bit
and heard a crack in the cap. Later, I noticed that coolant was
filling up the hex recess in the cap.

So I picked up another cap (about $ 8) at the dealership. I was
also considering replacing the thermostat housing again, as much as
I hated the thought of it. So I decided to put that off for awhile

But, lo and behold, my leak is gone. In the past few weeks, I have
completed a 1,000 mile trip to the JCNA convention, and have not
lost a drop of coolant. Nor have I noticed even a whiff of that
obvious coolant odor.

I never saw any leakage around the cap but I think that is because
it was evaporating before it ran down the side of the housing.

I now realize that maybe there wasn’t even anything wrong with my
thermostat housing when I replaced it several years ago. Maybe it
was the cap all along. I probably overtightened it (it says 9 nm on
the cap).

Anyway, my ‘‘coolant low’’ days seem to be behind me and I thought it
was worth a mention.–
Glen - 69 E-type OTS, 2000 XK8, 59 MGA
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Awesome! I know what Im going to look at tonight! I have been having pretty much the exact thing going on with my 97! The light just came on again this morning smh!