XK8 Coupe for a tall chap (me): lower seat trick?

(Eric Feron) #1

Hello all,

I am about to get seduced by a 2000 XK8 coupe. It is ok priced ($9k), good condition, low mileage (50k miles), a few blemishes.
Setting the driver’s seat all the way down, my hair still rubs the ceiling. I am 6’4".
Has anyone found a trick to lower the seat further and allow a little bit of headroom?

Thank you for your advice.


Buy a convertible.:grinning:

It will only go so far down so, all the way back and then recline the seat back is probably the only thing you can do.

(Grahame Loader) #3

I’m 6’2". I lower the seat and recline the back a bit. With the wheel extended all the way out and lowered, it gives a comfortable driving position. Raise the front of the seat for leg support. It still works out to a less of a reclined position than a sailplane.

Go for it; just don’t wear a hat. With my 98 convertible, I have the alternative of putting the top down.

(Eric Feron) #4

Thanks folks. In the end, I remained faithful to the XJC :slight_smile:

(Garry) #5

Also check the head lining is not sagging!