XK8 driver side rear window won't raise up on 2000 convertible

I saw several YouTube videos on this. One where they jump 2 connectors on the relays to raise the windows, another where a switch is connected to 2 wires in the plug under the arm rest, and yet a third where the top button is used to raise and lower the rear windows. The computers seem to be very sensitive, and I don’t want to create an electrical gremlin. Has anyone installed the switch or bypassed the relay, and if so, has the car remained well without new electrical problems?

Thank you for your help!

First I would recommend against calling out DRIVER’s or PASSENGER’s side unless you specify the car LHD or RHD. (Jaguar makes BOTH).

The window regulators can fail and cause the windows to become inop so a switch or relay will not help if that is the case.

If you hear the motor running and the cables are all tangled, then the regulator needs replacement.

More diagnosing is in your future.

After replacing the windscreen, although the hood would go up and down the quarterlight windows would not raise and I had to jump the relays to close up the car. Mine is a '97 and has a pair relays per side, one for up and the other for down. I think by 2000 the relay configuration changed to a split relay for each side but either way they are located in the boot. (I traced the problem to a broken wire in the windscreen header. No modules were harmed in the process).
If only one window isn’t co-operating the trouble is either the relay, wiring or as already been mentioned, the regulator if you can hear the lift motor running. Or I suppose there is an outside chance that the hood module is faulty but I doubt it.

It is a US spec left hand drive car. I will get going with the diagnostics. Hopefully it is not the regulator;
I just finished replacing the fuel pump and that was also a difficult project. Thank you for the very helpful comments.

I am just starting to investigate this problem, so your comments are much appreciated. Hopefully it is something simple! Thank you very much for sharing the experience.

Just in case you haven’t got it, here’s the schematic for the hood system.

I did not have it - thank you!