[xk8] Engine problem. Tensioners? Bearing?

Help. I went to start my 01 XK8 and it sounded like the fan was
hitting the fan housing so I shut it off immediately.
Checking the engine I took the valve covers off and checked the
upper tensioners and chains and everything looked good.
Spark plugs look good. Tried to turn engine by hand after
disconnecting the accessory belts and it was seized. it took a 3 ft
bar on leverage to make it move but it was with a sudden breaking
sound that it came loose. now the engine turn either direction by
hand smoothly and the cams and chains do act normal. I am not going
to turn on the engine before finding out what happened in case it
has not totally self destructed. I am looking for the tools to rent
or borrow to remove the crankshaft and the chains. like the tool to
hold crankshaft in place to remove the nut and the tools to hold
the timing in place, etc. Question, do I need to hold the timing
setting or this is something I can do from scratch after I put the
engine together?–
The Jagman
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