XK8 Exhaust tone

Any suggestions for getting a better exhaust tone from my XK8 2002 4L, without getting something which is shouting all the time?

THe XK8 has 5 mufflers. I removed the two rear boxes ( resonators) and the tone got a little better. I then removed the next two small mufflers, and the tone is just right. Just a little growl , but no drone . Can hardly tell at hwy speeds inside the car. I did it on the cheap, just to try to see if I liked it. Total cost was less than $100. There are companies that make replacement pipes for this purpose, but they are a little pricey. A good muffler shop should be able to do this without too much cost.
Here’s a link to my project: https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/xk8-xkr-x100-17/cheap-muffler-delete-xk8-234958/

The large center muffler is actually an X-pipe. I left it, and others who have removed it have had to replace it with an x pipe anyway.

Hey, thanks for the reply and the excellent link. Certainly a good few options to think through

Stephen Moore