[xk8] Headlight Aiming

I just bought a '97 XK8 from a local wholesaler. Car had 18k
miles, I just couldn’t resist. I have just two quick questions…
The maintenance records I received with car show that it had one of
the headlight enclosures replaced and I noticed that one of the
beams shines too low. I have looked how to adjust it myself, but
am not really sure, its real cramped in there and can’t see very
well. The manual says the ‘‘dip light’’ which I am guessing is the
low beam is accessed from the wheel well, but I can’t find anything
to adjust there. If I look under the hood, there is a panel I can
remove and then I can see two calibrated plastic leveling pieces,
but I can’t find any adjustment screw or dial. please help…

My next question is I have owned a 95 XJ6 and also have an 02 XKR
and both make the same chirp when locking/unlocking doors. For
some reason the '97 XK8 doesn’t do that. Is this something that
can be turned on and off, or did the '97 just not chirp for some

Sorry for the long post

Help would be greatly appreciated

Todd Koch–
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