Xk8 rear lights problems

Hello there. I’m so new here and my language is far away from perfect so I’m sorry for any problems with understand me.
I have issues with my one of XK8
It’s 2000 and my rear lights go just crazy.
When my headlights are off it is not to bad however still no good like left turn signal blinks but white light instead orange. I guess this is R gear light. Some of other lights blinks like all some more some less bright. But when I have headlights ON then all my rear lights look like blinking Christmas tree. And all starts always after I pushed brake pedal. Then all starts.
There is anything I can do before service will charge me huge money?? Thank You for any advice
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my english is bad, “IF” i well rember Rear direction light have a white bulb with bad orange film , this film during 20 years bulp deteriorate than falls.

however if rear lamps are like christmas tree lights probably is due to ground lost .

also in this case is due on 20 years and probably to sun effect , this car stayed often outside?

solution perhaps is a new ground cable or change lamp holder.

i’m not a professional and i CAN’T help so much Others. :raised_hands:

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is your dreams sheet ? jag museum ? your history or your garage?

Thank You so much.
I changed holders and it is the same but this ground wire never checked. Can you tell where to look for it?
Thank You!!

For , humidity or sun effect ground way deterioarate and sometimes ADD a ground cable
localized next light give solution without use money…

Sometimes is due to light control also on dashboard or in "devio"next to steering,

a standard eletrician can individuate problem and add a new ground with some euro/dollars instead a jag repair.

new wire mean that you can’t find now , add this cable in case original harnesses give a bad service.

Thank You I’ll check all this weekend.

I also had rear light problems, and it was the ground wire. It get’s melted at the point of contact between the connector and the light housing. There is a good fix available, which I did on my '97 and it fixed the problem. Here is a link to the thread I used.

Ok thanks!! I’m goffy I guess… this extra ground has to be connected to the body I understand. ? This is not original wire? I don’t see anything like that in my holders.

For all who helped me!!!
Thank You guys
I was lost and simple ground wire fixed my problem. I just follow your suggestions and now my tail lights works perfect.
Thank You so much

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Go ahead with your xk8 !!