XK8 spark Plugs

I intend replacing Spark Plugs on my 4 ltr 1999 XK8. I am fitting NGK PFR5G - 11E plugs.
What is the torque setting. I cannot find it anywhere? Help.

Everything I’m seeing says 25-29 nm. So roughly 18.4-21.3 ftlbs

Setting gap @: ??

The original gap setting was .038-.043, but there was a tsb released that said to increase gap to .052 to help with poor idle

How do I install spark plugs correctly? - NGK Spark Plugs

I like the Champion install/torque guide better…tho I use NGK. Spark Plug Torque Recommendations | Champion Auto Parts (championparts.ca)

with gasket assumes NEW gasket. Always thread in fully by finger tip twisting–ok to have a socket on but turn by hand, or equivalent, with no binding going o n, til fully seated.

Copy that.
Ordered Eight (8) new NGK Ignition Coils and new NGK Iridium IX spark plugs. I think the plugs come gapped at 0.040", but I’ll check them and open them up if needed.

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I’ve never used a torque setting for my MGB’s and now, not for my JagXK8 either. I go by feel. Turn the plug in 'till it stops, then add just a bit more pressure to seal. It’s a “learned” thing.

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