[xk8] The Jeg-Lovers Picnic is next week!

Hi Gang,

A group of Jag-Lovers recently traveled hundreds of miles to get
together on Martha’s Vineyard for a long weekend adventure.
Details of the weekend can be found at
http://forums.jag-lovers.org/avs.php?496954r99 (Part 1)
http://forums.jag-lovers.org/avs.php?496993r84 (Part 2)
http://forums.jag-lovers.org/avs.php?497389r21 (Part 3)
http://forums.jag-lovers.org/avs.php?497588r22 (Part 4)

There were several of us who had never met, and none of us had ever
met our host. As always seems to be the case when Jag-Lovers get
together, we had a great time talking, exploring, chatting, eating,
conversing, driving, and basically acting like a bunch of old
buddies who for some strange reason had never met before. It’s the
same feeling I get when I attend the annual Jag-Lovers Picnic.

There is a write-up and slide show about the previous picnic at
This is the fourth year of the Jag-Lovers picnic, and it promises
to be better than ever. Family-oriented motorcyclists will be
joining us for breakfast, which will be served at no additional
charge to any Jag-Lover who arrives in the morning. Everyone is
looking forward to a break in this rainy weather, and it looks as
if the Jag-Lovers will again be blessed. AccuWeather predicts ‘‘A
good deal of sunshine’’ for June 1, with a high of 75�.

Remember, this is not a car show (although I imagine there will be
quite a few Jaguars there), it is a gathering of like-minded
individuals getting together in person to share the camaraderie
that was started on these lists. We have a private picnic grounds,
an all-you-can-eat picnic lunch, door prizes, a 30 mile run through
the back roads, and a lot of friendly people having a good time.

On Saturday night the locals get together at the picnic grounds
with the out-of-town Jag-Lovers. Some leave for supper at 6:00,
then return afterwards for the June edition of our famous ‘‘First
Tuesday’’ meeting (see the write-up in the March 2002 edition of
Porter’s ‘‘XK Gazette’’). We sit around, drink beer, swap lies,
admire cars, share pictures and videos, and generally have a great
time, extending far into the night.

Anyone who is within a day’s drive of New Jersey should take the
opportunity to meet some of the other great people who contribute
to these lists. Send me an email at MikeEck@optonline.net and I
will send you more details and directions.

Hope to see you there!

Michael Eck
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