Xk8 veener dashboard removal.the section around the speedo three circles

i need to replace my speedo cluster of 3 circles.
got proper tool to lever off veneers .practised on others,left to right…piece of cake.
then started on the one around the speedo,the only one i want off.
all going well all clips? are free and unit comes out at least an inch but WILL NOT come off.
has anyone a pic of the back of one of these so i can see what is stopping it coming out.
also does the trip meter come out with it or does that come out first,if so how do i get it out??
is that holding it??

I’ve had mine off, but I don’t remember it getting stuck, however the previous owner had taken it off before so who knows. Yes, the trip meter buttons come out with it. Here is a picture of the back of my spare one.

thanks for pic,good to know also that the trip meter came out with it,as it seemed that was what was holding it back.turns out it was someone had glued/stuck something and it was stuck to speedo.got it out ok in the end,thanks for help.just waiting for new/used cluster to arrive…pic of mine attached…good colour.richard

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just fitted new cluster in temporarily ignitions lights all come on but the main lights in the cluster that would be on if you are driving at night did not light up.i read somewhere you have to reset the cluster is this right do yoi know…if so could you tell me how to do it…if you know.i heard you had to press the stalk 5 times???which one if any
help again

Hmmmmm! I didn’t have to reset anything on mine. Maybe I just got lucky or something

did you disconnect speedo.and battery…all computer would need to be reset.

I’m fairly certain I did, because I had to replace a few bulbs in the cluster. I also polished the plastic lens a little

Sorted I think. Seems you don’t have to reset. My new speedo I put in… No computer settings showing . No panel lights on. So I took all the bulbs out of my old speedo and swooped them for the bulbs in the new one. Lights lit up also showed computer settings. All on zero at the moment. But it would be. Brilliant.

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