[xk8] Windscreen seal

Just noticed that the strip around my windscreen has come away
slightly from the body, leaving a gap of about 1/2 inch. Mechanic
says the only way to re-seal it is to take out the screen and
refit, but this risks breaking the screen. It’s not leaking at
present but winter is coming.

Any suggestions for the best product to use to try to re-seal the
strip? There’s about 6 inches which is loose, around the corner at
the top of the screen. How do I hold the strip down whilst the
sealant bonds overnight?

Incidentally, I’ve just had the V mount bushes replaced on front
suspension - which seems to have cured the clonking sound and
handling feels better all round. They looked a bit worn when in
situ but once removed one of them fell apart, so it’s worth
Birmingham, United Kingdom
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