XK8 with a Ford V8

(phillip keeter) #1

My neighbor is selling his XK8 and has told me it has, the one year only, big V8 Ford engine. Is there a source for information on this year car? I believe it is a 2005?
Thank you,

(bdragon) #2

Your neighbor is mistaken. No Ford-designed V8 ever found its way into any Jag from the factory. My guess is that there is confusion with the Ford modular V8 (or it’s been lumped.)


(phillip keeter) #3

It has not been lumped. He is probably referring your suggestion about a “Ford” engine, super charged. He said it has about 425 HP. He also stated that this was the only year for this engine.Could that be correct? If so, and I buy this thing, I could kill myself but have some fun in the process.

(bdragon) #4

There is only the supercharged AJ-V8 for the XK8, which is an all-Jaguar engine. It was 400hp, but it was produced from 1998 all the way to the end of production (2006.) It was called the XKR, so if it’s not labeled an XKR, then either your neighbor is mistaken or it’s some aftermarket modification.


(Robin O'Connor) #5

Ask him for the VIN that will decide whether there is anything ‘special’ about it. I’m thinking that the only thing ‘special’ is your neighbour :slight_smile:

(phillip keeter) #6

Hhhmmmmm, I will get back to you all.