Xke evaporator center dash trim

The trim piece that fits on the bottom of the center dash is nowhere big enough to cover the gap between evaporator and center dash. What did people do? I was thinking of fabricating a different piece to fill that space. Thanks

There is a rubber strip that attaches to the bottom of the center panel that you appear to be missing. It covers that gap when the panel is up.

Anyone have a picture of this or a part number? Can’t find anything in the parts manual.

Does this photo help?


Here is a photo from my 69 S2 coupe, factory air. There does have to be sufficient space/clearance for the instrument panel to drop/fold down.

Might be possible to take a strip of neoprene and adhesive back black hookNloop strips to fasten it in place.

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Found another photo online… does seem to be a rubber strip…

It looks (to me) like the strip is ‘pinched’ and held in by the hinge fastening strip (??)

From this website page: Jaguar C16257 - E-Type Series 1 Center Instrument Panel - Vintage Jaguar Parts

I have seen one decent install where the drains and/or tilt of the unit wasn’t right and water was leaking out. Just a caution while you’re still working on the unit.

Here is the rubber piece, note that it is held on by an L shaped black vinyl covered metal strip with 4 screws.

Thanks for reminding me about that. I’ll check today. Thanks for the pics. I was kind of thinking the same thing. I have a small piece of rubber I can put in there as a sweep. Thanks all.

Does anyone have a source for thin sheet rubber that could be used to replace the original one. So far I’ve had no luck in sourcing any. Thanks.


All sorts of sizes available, for example:

Thanks for the lead John. I found that Grainger has exactly the same material but in larger sheets. It needs to be at least 14" wide to cover the opening; so I ordered a 12" x 18" sheet from them, only $5.

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Andy - can you save me the hassle and post a link to this material?


I have some extra packing material you use to set the door windows in the channel. Looks to be the correct size , I’m going to try that.

Craig see if this link works. You need to cut it to a size of 2" x 14" to fit.